Gibbo’s Corner 24/9/09

Apologies for the stuck up hair madness. Remember to send any questions or feedback to [email protected]


Gibbo’s Corner 15/8/09

Gibbo’s Corner returns! Remember to comment and posts questions for next week here to email them to [email protected]!


Gibbo’s Corner 26/5/09


Gibbo’s Corner 16/05/09

Sorry about the loud, echoey sound. I guess that’s just the room being larger.


Gibbo’s Corner 3/05/09 (Recorded 2/05/09)

Underground, overground, wombling free.


Gibbo’s Corner: 26/4/09

If you love me, I’ll love you back


Gibbo’s Corner 18/4/09

Back with no vengeance. Tonight’s topics – MINATURE REPLICA SOLDIER! – I’m lazy but that won’t stop you burning my house down in anger – Articles, and a few of them – Sonic Unleashed has gone to hell – The Hype Twins – Grand Theft Auto during wars in Chinatown And many many more…. (I […]


Gibbo’s Corner 6/4/09

A short Gibbo’s Corner today as I didn’t really have a lot to talk about. Also I know I wasn’t looking at the camera. I kept looking at the screen and not the lens. Bite me.


Gibbo’s Corner 28/3/09

Remembered how to center again :D. Tonight’s topics – EARTH HOUR RAWR – Legends Of Wrestlemania is fun, believe it – Getting back to the future with GTAIV – I was talking consistently for once – Lots of looking around – EARTH HOUR RAWR Feedback welcome.


Gibbo’s Corner 21/03/09

Late again, but better late than never. I accidently cut it off at the end where I mean to say that my RE5 review will be up later today within Thef1sh’s post. Enjoy and as always criticism and praise alike is welcomed.


Gibbo’s Corner 15/3/09

Birthday countdown is a go.


Gibbo’s Corner 7/3/09

I’m aware that the camera is shite in the dark. Sorry about that, I don’t control the sun. Today I talk about: Changed opinion on Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull Completing Portal and recieving no cake Response to criticisms That Russian bitch in Crackdown RESIDENT EVIL 5 ZOMG If you enjoy […]


Gibbo’s Corner 1/3/09

Welcome to for now, Gibbo’s Corner, my replacement feature for Weekend PSAs. Listen to me ramble on about whatever I want. This week you can hear me talking about why I can’t show propaganda bullshit every week, training for Street Fighter IV,  sticking it to the guy on Reddit who laughed at me wondering whether […]