Ryan Thomason

New Offical Dark Shadows Picture

Does it quell the nerdage that popped up last week?

 Alan Smithee

Dark Shadows Spyshots Make My Nerdrage Flare Up

I’m sorry, Tim Burton had a couple of great films, but for the most part you can see the signs of his influence in any project he has his hands on from 20 miles away. What makes matters worse is when Johnny Depp teams up with Burton. The two of them have this creepy synergy […]

 Ryan Wilson

Burton to Direct Dark Shadows Feature

Burton to Direct Dark Shadows Feature

Though the idea of a Dark Shadows feature film has been on the table for some time now, producer Graham King has confirmed that Tim Burton will begin shooting in early fall 2010, with Johnny Depp slated to play lead vampire Barnabas Collins.  For those not familiar with the series, Dark Shadows is a gothic […]