New Comics Wednesday: Hellboy: The Crooked Man and Others

New Comics Wednesday: Hellboy:  The Crooked Man and Others

Yes, it actually came out last week.  However I am mentioning it now so that you will not forget to buy Hellboy:  The Crooked Man and Others when you go to the comic book store today. The bulk of this book is a reprint of the three issue mini-series, The Crooked Man, written by Hellboy-creator […]


New Comics Wednesday: Solomon Kane: Death’s Black Riders #4

New Comics Wednesday:  Solomon Kane:  Death’s Black Riders #4

I have been waiting for this–yeah, I think it is late. Solomon Kane is Robert E. Howard’s second most famous creation, after Conan.  Instead of a barbarian, Solomon Kane is an puritanical Englishman from 300 years ago whose soul purpose, it seems, is to hunt evil.  I did not know this when I read the […]


New Comics Wednesday: Buzzard #1

New Comics Wednesday:  Buzzard #1

As The Goon is one of my favorite comic books, I looked forward to this comic book, Buzzard, with mixed feelings.  I was unsure if Buzzard, who always seemed to be more of a serious character in The Goon, could carry his own book in writer/artist Eric Powell’s unique style. In addition, I was worried […]


300 Prequel: Xerxes Lithograph

300 Prequel: Xerxes Lithograph

Last year, Frank Miller announced that he was doing a prequel to 300.  The prequel will focus on Xerxes, the king who would be a god.  It is supposed to be a six issue mini-series that covers the life of the villain from 300. Can’t wait until next year? Miller and Dark Horse Comics have […]


Serenity: Float Out

Serenity:  Float Out

It is not often I make a mistake of this magnitude. I thought that I a huge comic book junkie and enthusiastic n00b to the world of Firefly/Serenity would be perfect to read Dark Horse Comics latest published outing into Josh Whedon’s future.  This one is written by Patton Oswalt (yes, he must be a […]


BPRD: King of Fear #5

BPRD:  King of Fear #5

I was a little confused about what this series, BRPD:  King of Fear, was going to do.  I thought it was going to bring some sort of resolution to the War on Frogs that has been the integral part of the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) since 2004.  As Hellboy has left the […]


The Origins of Alien vs Predator

The Origins of Alien vs Predator

With the new AVP game coming out in February Dark Horse Comics deserves much of the credit for having the idea in the first place. Dark Horse also deserves credit for creating a successful launch on their Aliens comic series in 1988, two years after the last movie was in theaters. In the last 22 years Dark Horse is the sole proprietor of quality Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator stories. We’ll give Aliens 3 a nod as being not bad, but after that give up on both franchises.

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