Bob Foster

Paddington 2 is a more than bearable sequel.

Paddington 2 is a more than bearable sequel.

Two years ago, released among the grizzly studio dumps of January was a tiny cub of a great family film.  Effortlessly charming, with a huge heart, and continually clever and never panda-ering to kids, Paddington surprised me over and over again. I koalan’t believe it, and it held as one of best films of 2015.  After […]

 Sean Smithson

Tom Cruise Blasts The Alien Threat To The EDGE OF TOMORROW

Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s cult novel of military sci-fi action ALL YOU NEED IS KILL was a quiet sensation, slowly building from fan favorite to industry hot property. Now, after a little re-tooling and some Americanization, the big screen version starring Tom Cruise (as the re-named hero Cage), and Emily Blunt as the heroine fighter named Rita […]