Ryan Wilson

Street Fighter X Tekken X Street Fighter?

Namco and Capcom have apparently donned the proverbial “Best Friends Forever” heart necklaces this San Diego Comic Con, as they’ve announced a two game collaboration that confused everyone. Capcom is developing Street Fighter X Tekken while Namco is developing Tekken X Street Fighter meaning both 2D and 3D fighting game fans should not be disappointed […]

 Alan Smithee

I Love Capcom, But I’m IN Love With SNK

I Love Capcom, But I’m IN Love With SNK

I love Capcom, and I especially love their fighting games. I mean, most of us were brought up with Street Fighter being the first series of fighting games we ever played and fell in love with. I do however, hold an extra special place in my heart for SNK fighting games…more than that really, a […]