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Syndicate Remake Director Tries to Quell Nerd Rage

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When the news leaked of Starbreeze Studios remaking the classic Bullfrog isometric strategy game for the current generation as a first person shooter, the Internet just about melted down with tons of nerd rage…myself included I’m afraid to say.

If I recall, I approached it as pissed off at first, but ended up thinking that it might not be all THAT terrible and something that we should wait and see as far as gameplay is concerned. Thankfully now that it’s common knowledge that the game is getting a remake, the press has managed to get interviews with various members of the studio and have been reporting to the world their findings.

In an interview for OXM (that’s Official Xbox Magazine for you non-print media reading folks), game director Neil McEwan had the following to say regarding the anguish us retro gamers are feeling towards a new Syndicate game that’s set as a FPS.

“It was always going to be an FPS. The original nub of the idea was to take that viewpoint from the original game and zoom into the Agent’s head, and play that part. A closer experience – to become one of those Agents.

We’re big fans of the original Syndicate, and we’re definitely paying as much homage to it as we can – bringing across the essence of the world, the core essence of what it is to be an Agent. That sounds wanky but it’s true – we’re taking the Persuadatron and evolving it in different ways, the weapons and brutality. On both facets of the game, the co-op and the single player, it’s very key to stay true to it.”

There’s even more through this link, but in essence, we should all just calm the fuck down and give the game some time to get on its legs before taking it behind the toolshed to beat up and place in the bargain bin. I’m still iffy on whether or not this will be a game that gets a purchase from me, but that might just change the closer to release it gets.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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