James Helsby

SyFy gets less SciFi

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In a move that is down right gonna piss me off, SyFy  channel is set to announce 10 new reality TV shows.

Does the SyFy channel have anything to do with Science Fiction anymore? Wrestling, Cooking, Reality shows, I mean the closest thing to Science Fiction on the SyFy channel is probably their ghost hunting type shows, and their connection is tenuous at best. But SyFy is getting ready to introduce 10 additional ‘Reality’ shows to it’s boring and overly cheap line up.  Of the fantastic contributions to the world of Science Fiction are such pending classics as, Monster Man, Stunts Unlimited, and Culture Shock with Tommy Lee.

Spike 2, err, MTV, err, what ever channel it was I was talking about, will make the rest of the line up known later today.

As a commentary, I really don’t think SyFy could ever produce another successful show like Battlestar Galactica again. Their current climate just couldn’t support it.


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