Ryan Wilson

Swapnote Arrives on 3DS for Free

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Remember Pictochat, the built-in chat program on the Nintendo DS that always went from innocent to phallic in 10 seconds flat? Well, now the 3DS finally has it’s version.

Pictured: Lies

While Swapnote might not share the same moniker as Pictochat, it essentially builds upon the originally formula. Yes, you can still draw dirty pictures to your heart’s content and send them to unexpecting friends, but now you can do it in GLORIOUS 3D! Swapnote also includes a handful of fun new features, such as sending photos and audio clips (though the latter requires usage of Play Coins (the coins you receive for walking around with the 3DS on in your pocket).

Oh, and remember how Pictochat required everyone to be in the same room, rendering its use as a chat device pretty much useless? Well, with Swapnote you can send your digital abominations over the internet. Now your friends in Sweden aren’t safe from the almighty terror that is [CENSORED]

Pick up Swapnote for free at the 3DS e-Shop!

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