Survival Of The Dead Premieres At This Year’s Fantastic Fest

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While Diary of the Dead may have been a bit iffy, George A.Romero knows how to make an entertaining zombie film which isn’t surprising since he arguably brought the modern zombie to film with Night of the Living Dead. Now it seems he’s finally ready to show off his new project as Survival of the Dead will premiere at this year’s Fantastic Fest along Zombieland, which most of us at MWN headquarters are excited about as well as Daybreakers, a vampire film which surprisingly, doesn’t feature girly romantic vampires.

Unsurprisingly, Survival of the Dead will focus more on humanity than the zombies themselves, with the film taking place on an island where two factions are at war over the undead. One group wants to eliminate every zombie whereas the other group is waiting on the cure for their zombiefied family members. With Zombieland ,Survival of the Dead and Max Brooks’ zombie graphic novel out soon, it should be a good winter for the undead.

Details can be found over at Slashfilm.

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