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Superman Earth One – Review

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If there’s a superhero that doesn’t really need a reboot, I think it’d have to be Superman. He’s one of those heroes that you could wear his ‘S’ logo on your chest in any country and have someone recognize it. That being said, I think that J. Michael Straczynski has hit the nail right on the head and has made me fall in love with the Man of Steel all over again.

I was lucky enough to land a review copy of Superman’s latest reboot and didn’t have any preconceived notions as to whether I’d like it or hate it, except for the nagging thought that I opened this review with…”does Superman need a reboot?”

In short, yes.

The character has enjoyed being DC’s most iconic superhero since time immemorial, and has been remade numerous times, in numerous universes but never has he been so modern as he is in Earth One.

When we first see our Kryptonian friend, he has recently arrived in Metropolis and is attempting to secure a life for himself, you know…the whole hayseed in the big city we’ve come to expect from Superman books, but instead of Clark being a meek and aloof adult, we get to see the Clark we’d all like to see. He’s confident to the point of being smug and at first seems ambivalent towards humanity in general, except for his human mom back in Smallville.

It’s not until he has a conversation with his parents, that he decided that the career paths that he might have been considering aren’t for him and he goes to the trusty ol’ Daily Planet to pursue his dreams of being a journalist.

It’s here where the story starts to come into its own as an alien race that has been looking for the final Kryptonian comes into Earth’s atmosphere, setting the stage for the climactic battle that forces Clark to decide if he’s to spend the rest of his life wearing the mask of the bespectacled Clark Kent we all know and love and become humanity’s savior as Superman.

I can’t state how much I loved this book. I literally found myself drinking deep from each page’s masterfully done artwork by Shane Davis and pouring over the story by J. Michael Straczynski who makes me feel for Superman characters in ways that I hadn’t in decades. Hell, he even gives Jimmy Olson the biggest set of balls I’ve ever seen on a non-superpowered human in comics, ever.

He manages to keep the destruction of Krypton essentially the same except for introducing an element I hadn’t heard before (you’ll have to read it to find out), and makes Clark a more interesting character than the bumbling buffoon that we’ve seen all too often.

I personally think that if you’re a fan of Superman at all, and I mean if you just liked the movies a little bit, even the smallest shred of enjoying the character, you NEED to have this book in your collection. After reading the book in one sitting, I literally turned back to the beginning to start over again, and I literally can’t recall the last time a comic had made me do that.

The book is available right now through your normal channels like your local comic shop, amazon, etc. It comes in a lovely mix of glossy hardcover with a beautifully textured hinge and binding which just tells me what i’ve always known, that dust-covers need to go the way of the dodo.

For the price that they’re asking, DC has a superb hit on their hands that I think belongs in any DC fan’s collection. I know that I’ll be holding onto my copy for some time to come.

Bottom Line: $19.99/$19.99 BUY IT!

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