Alan Smithee

Super Street Fighter IV Dated

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boxart but smaller

Looks like the latest and greatest installment of the world renown Street Fighter francise has finally got a ship date for us people in the states. Be ready to pick up the vastly improved version of SFIV on April 27th. About 2 weeks later, expect everyone to have stopped playing said game, them’s the breaks when it comes online fighters.

Anyways, full box-art and Gonzo-made intro video are after the break.

It certainly seems reminiscent of the old days of Capcom when they’ release a new Street Fighter game about every year…remember when it went from SFII –> SFIICE –> SFIIHF –> SSFII –> SSFIIT within the span of 3-4 years?

I’m really dig it when companies include animated openings for games. KoF Dream Match 1999 had one, and one of my favorite RPGs of all time had one too, remember the opening for Wild Arms?!?

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