Super Meat World now available for Super Meat Boy

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Eight more chapters of masochistic level design await you. Super Meat World, a custom level portal for Team Meat’s platformer Super Meat Boy, was released today on Steam for the cheap price of free. It consists of 8 custom chapters with the levels coming from users, other development teams and Team Meat themselves. However, you will need to have found at least 20 bandages when playing Super Meat Boy to unlock the portal, which will appear to the left of the first chapter. More features will be available as development on Super Meat World continues.

In other news, a level editor for Super Meat Boy will soon be released on Steam as a public beta. It will include an update for Super Meat World that will allow you to play through an infinite amount of what will be the highest rated custom levels.

Kudos to Team Meat for releasing such meaty* content for free when they could easily charge for access. No word on whether the Xbox 360 version will get Super Meat World, but it seems unlikely given Microsoft’s force choke on everything downloadable.

Source: Team Meat

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