Alan Smithee

Super Has Just Become a “Must See”

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SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! Ok I think that’s enough of a warning to all of those who want to be surprised, but if you have to find out why this movie has jumped to the top of my ‘must see’ list, then please join me.

I have but two words for you, Tentacle Lobotomy. Yes, in this clip we get to see Rainn Wilson being held against his will by some unknown force when his apartment is raided by fleshy tentacles that proceed to open his cranium like someone surgically peels an orange. Then a corndog is introduced.

James Gunn has been known to throw a few tentacles into his movies, but for a movie like this…I just have no words how wonderful it is to see a director with as fucked up a sense of humor as me and many of my closest friends have. I can not possibly wait to see this movie. Good thing it’s out on April 1st.

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