Alan Smithee

Super Gets a New Violent Clip

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Ok, I really do feel like one of the only people who has this movie on his radar. I can’t wait to see what types of shenanigans that Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson get into while watching Super. If the clip from Spike TV is any indication, we’re going to be headed to a world of violent vigilantism with a bit of the absurd thrown into the mix.

I do feel like I need to warn you, don’t watch the clip if you’re easily disturbed because it is pretty damn graphic in what you see Rainn Wilson’s character, The Crimson Bolt, give a bit of a wrenching to a pair of line cutters in a way that makes the inner wronged geek in me squeal with delight.

I sincerely hope that this 2 million dollar indie film kicks some ass of the big budget comic movies we’ve got coming down the tubes. At least we know that it’ll make its money back, unlike Kick-Ass.

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