Comic Review: Super Dinosaur Free Comic Book Day Special

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Super Dinosaur Origin Special from Image comics was one of the titles you could pick up for Free Comic Book Day and it’s not bad, it’s just not for me.

You can’t really explain what ideas go through your head when you read the title of a comic named ‘Super Dinosaur’. Yes, you THINK of super dinosaurs, but do you know? No you don’t, or else I wouldn’t be here.

Derek Dynamo, a boy in his early teens and his mysteriously named dad Doctor Dynamo have been contracted by a secret government agency to protect inner earth from their old friend and now arch nemesis Max Maximus. Inner earth is a place deep down in the center of the world where dinosaurs still roam and it’s where Super Dinosaur or “SD” is from. One day while exploring a cave system Dr Dynamo accidentally plunged deeper than anybody had ever gone and discovered two things: a new element named Dynore and inner earth.

While Dr Dynamo wanted to experiment for good, Max had other plans. He took the egg of a T-Rex back from inner-earth and genetically modified it to be smaller, smarter, and more human like. This is the origin of Super Dinosaur. Derek and SD quickly became friends. Eventually Max fitted SD with a pair of bionic arms so that he could do things no normal T-Rex could. Max had plans to create a new race of Dinosuar-men by splicing human and dino DNA. Upon hearing this the Doctor and Derek confronted Max and the resulting battle changed things forever.


From the first page, it’s evident that Super Dinosaur is a kid’s comic which is surprising since it’s being written by Robert Kirkman who is known for his walking dead series.

The story in Super Dinosaur is your typical kid meet’s bionic dinosaur kid and dinosaur fight crime. This doesn’t make it bad, but it’s extremely simple. There are no overarching plots or even some twists. What you see is what you get.


I have to give big props to Jason Howard for making sure that Super Dinosaur has huge guns on his arms and back. If you’re going to come up with a ridiculous idea you might as well go all out by putting huge arms and guns on a T-Rex. I can only describe the art as kids art. Which is to say that it’s fun, colorful and there’s a lot to look at. It reminds me of the comics I would read as a kid where I just wanted to see something blow up or a bad guy getting punched.


STORY: 60%
ART: 70%

Overall Super Dinosaur is a fun kid’s comic through and through. There’s no escaping it when you read lines like “We did fun stuff!…it was fun!”. I’m reviewing for a specific audience and for them I would say don’t get this comic unless you have some extra cash to spend and just want something to kill the time.

If you we’re a parent or even a teacher, I would definitely recommend this. Some like me? No, not at all. I’ll wait for the spin-off where Super Dinosaur get’s shot in an altercation with an armed man and wakes up in a hospital only to find that the world is now overrun by zombie dinosaurs.

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