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Super Dinosaur #21: A Rad All-Ages Adventure

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Prepare you’re internal 10-year-old mind to be blown!

Super Dinosaur #21 cover

Super Dinosaur #21 cover via

Super Dinosaur #21
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Jason Howard
Publisher: Image
Release Date: January 29, 2014

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If I had a time machine, I would travel back to 1996. Where my 10-year-old dumb ass would be sitting on the living room floor watching morning cartoons. As my little hands bring up that last spoonful of soggy Captain Crunch to my mouth, a great flash of light would appear! Thrown back from the force of  the time altering energy my tiny prepubescent self would look in awe and fear from across the room.  There I stand, in all my adulthood glory, holding this comic. This comic about a 10-year-old super genius boy, Derek, who has a genetically modified talking Tyrannosaurus rex as a friend.  A T-Rex that has robot arms and says “rad.” The two fantastical friends race across the desert to a secret base of the evil Doctor Max Maximus in search of an antidote for Derek’s mother. Action packed adventure with dinosaurs ensues, awesomely.

Whether you are 7 or 89, if you at once thought in your life it would be cool to have a dinosaur for a best friend you need to read this. It’s like every adventure you dreamed up as a child is put to page by people who are way, way more talented than you. Robert Kirkman just reached in those summer daydreams, those boring school day escapes, took all those misadventures you thought up inside your mind to distract you from the boring world surrounding you and made them real. Jason Howard’s art style reminds me of those Saturday morning cartoons I use to watch, you know, before my future self came and knocked me on by butt.

While Super Dinosaur may be geared more towards the generation that hasn’t hit puberty yet, all will enjoy. As an adult it gives you that nostalgic feeling laying in a warm summery grass field making up creatures and adventures with your friends. Nothing seemed to outrageous or unrealistic. Complete freedom of imagination, that as a boring rule following adult we don’t get to do much. Kids of course will just say, aw cool a talking dinosaur with robot arms! Rad.

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