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Tales From the Con: My Day at RCCC Part 1

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It’a a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a grown man wearing tights…must be time for Comicon.
There are few things in life quite like going to a Comicon. You and a couple thousand of your closest friends get to share an experience that is one part fantasy, two parts excitement, and the rest made up of pure fun. It doesn’t matter if you came for the comics, the toys, or the celebrities; When you walk through the main doors of a convention center and see your first cosplayers of the day, you know that you’re about to be part of something special. I’ve gotten to be part of some great Comicons up here in my home town, but when WPR decided to send me to see what Portland, OR had to offer the Comicon world, I couldn’t wait. Excited for the chance to experience something new, I left the Emerald City and made my way down to the 2nd annual 2013 Rose City Comicon.

RCCC was held at the Oregon Convention Center, which turned out to be a fantastic place to host a Comicon. This very large building was spacious enough to house all of the various panels and booths, while it also had lots of room to expand in coming years. I never felt cramped and there was plenty of room to go from booth to booth without having to move people out of your way. I have been to a few cons in the past where trying to navigate around is a nightmare, RCCC was definitely a breath of fresh air. The staff was also great. There were many times I needed directions to find something, I never had to look far to find a smiling staff member in one of their bright red coats. Parking and access to the freeways were also fantastic. The center having its own parking garage under the building was a big plus. Needless to say, this was a first class setup for a Comicon, I was very impressed.

After meeting up with my fellow WPR super staff members Becky and Jasen, we got our press passes and headed in for what was sure to be a exciting day. First order of business was to go and meet the local chapter of the 501st, The Cloud City Garrison. Now these guys love Star Wars. After meeting some really nice stormtroopers and getting a seriously awesome staff picture, we got to meet R2D2 and his buddies. IMG_2042 Sadly he wasn’t the real R2D2, but he was an amazing replica created by the talented guys at R2 Builders. I would love to give a detailed review of one of their remote controlled R2 units, but sadly they were unable to grant my request of a free R2D2. A guy can dream.

As the doors opened to the public and the people started flooding in, we got our first chance to see what Rose City offered for cosplay. We were not disappointed. The quality and range of the different costumes were fantastic. From Batman to Aquaman, Halo to Mass Effect, and sexy villainesses to the girls of Westeros; Damn near every aspect of nerdom was properly represented. RCCC cosplayers had really brought their A game and the Con was better for it. I’d love to give a mention to everyone who showed up in costume, but since a giant article of costume descriptions is not really that fun to read we instead put together a WPR RCCC photo album for everyone to enjoy. All that said I would like to point out my favorite costume of the day, a giant Bender from Futurama……or was it the slave girl Leia, or maybe Hawkgirl, or perhaps it was………..

I also got the chance to meet a couple different local comic creators. The first was the trio creators of Atlas. Lon, Jack, and Liz were very excited about this project and gave me a chance to read their 8 page preview. With an original story and some great artwork, I am very much looking forward to reading the completed comic. The second creators I had the opportunity to talk with were from my own backyard. Based out of Seattle, Around the Sound Comics already had quite a few comics done and ready for the show. Co-founder and comic writer Devin Tuck let me read three of their titles, Jet Rogers, Apex, and The Patriot. They were fantastic, and I expect great things for this up and coming independent publisher. With the day already starting to fly by, we left the main floor and checked out some of the great panels.

Fear not!! My adventure continues in My Day at RCCC Part 2, coming soon…..

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