Alan Smithee

Super – Clip

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Take equal parts Ellen Page and mix in some Rainn Wilson, add the director from James Gunn (Slither), and throw a couple dashes of Kevin Bacon, Liv Tyler, and Nathan Fillion…what do you get?

You’d probably have a whole room of smoke, but after it cleared, you’d notice that lying there on the ground would be Super, which looks like it’s going to be what Kick-Ass should have been (sorry Kick-Ass, I did like you, but I need more realism). What other movie would you have a guy who keys a car get brutally attacked by a diminutive sidekick who forgets the secret identity rules of super heroes?

I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie, I’ll watch just about anything with Rainn Wilson in it, not to mention Nathan Fillion…who I hope reprises his role as Captain “The hammer is my penis” Hammer.

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