James Helsby

Super-8 looking better and better

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I am a big fan of good monster flicks. While most turned away from it, I adored Cloverfield. Super-8 looks like it is going to be giving me my fill of summer blockbuster horror.

We still don’t know too much about the movie. The strongest speculation is that there is some sort of tie in to Cloverfield, but that is still unknown. All I can say is that the cinematography I have seen in the trailers so far looks at least as good as Star Trek (2009). Considering that JJ Abrams did a stellar (pun) job with the franchise reboot, I have high hopes for something that is a little more terrestrial.

That said, my biggest gripe about Star Trek was the rediculous overuse of lens flare. And for the 30 second teaser trailer that they have on the front page of www.super8-movie.com I counted 10 separate lens flare effects.

Come on JJ. I’ve used a camera, and I know when and where you get lens flare. Knock it off already.

Regardless, I will look forward to June 10th, just as much as I am looking forward to Battle LA.

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