Summer Of The Dead: Spaced Series 1 “Art”

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Spaced itself is a great comedy, but it hasn’t really got anything to do with zombies. Except for the episode “Art”. This is the episode which inspired Shaun Of The Dead although Spaced’s writing style and humour also came off in Shaun Of The Dead. This will be only a short piece (because I’m in a bit of a writing block right now) but here’s my look at episode 3 of series 1 of Spaced, “Art”.

Although it involves zombies, it’s not in the way you think. It starts with Pegg’s character Tim walking around his empty house only to start fighting off zombies. Cut to the real world and we see that Tim was actualy hallucinating while playing  Resident Evil 2. So I guess you could say that Resident Evil 2 indirectly inspired Shaun Of The Dead. Anyway we then find out that Tim had bought some speed from two Scottish people the night before, hence his hallucinations. The effects carry on throughout the episode and lead to much hilarity. (It probably doesn’t help that he keeps playing Resident Evil 2 although I can’t blame him :D)

We see Tim playing Resident Evil 2 throughout the episode until it all comes to a head when Tim thinks a dramatist is about to bite his friend, which results in Simon Pegg punching David Walliams of Little Britian fame in the face. He then grabs his housemate and gets out of the place, still under the illusion that there are zombies everywhere.

It’s a good episode and you can definitely see how it inspired Shaun Of The Dead. There’s even a line from Shaun Of The Dead that comes from Spaced. Sorry it’s not a long feature today!

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