Summer Of The Dead: Resident Evil 3

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So here is Resident Evil 3, the last game in the main series of RE games (not counting side-games like RE: Code Veronica or RE: Outbreak) to feature zombies. This is because Las Plagas becomes the new virus in RE4 and replaces zombies with Ganandos and later in RE5 Majini. Even then, RE3 was more of a side game to RE2 than a true sequel. It took place once again  in Raccoon City (although with some different locations to RE2) but also within a similar time frame to RE2 as part of the game takes place before the events of RE2 and then the other part takes place during and after the events of RE2. However it does bring some closure for some of the characters of RE1. This time around you can only play as Jill Valentine, star of the first game, who is now trapped in  Raccoon City since she decided not to join Chris on his fight against Umbrella in Europe. Although I said you can only play as Jill, there is a short section where you play as Carlos, a member of Umbrella’s private military, who is trying to help Jill escape Raccoon City.

As for the game itself, not a lot had changed at all. The differences were more asthetic than anything. Firstly graphics got another improvement but at this point there wasn’t a lot more that they could do with them. It wasn’t the same jump as RE2 was to the first game anyway. Weapons were also changed slightly, as you could start with quite a few weapons this time around instead of the usual pistol. There was also a lot of more ammo around and this impacted the game’s difficulty in a negative way. It’s certainly one of the easier games and it had less of the feeling of dread or nervousness that the previous two games had.

There was one good addition however and that was Nemesis. In the simplest sense, Nemesis was just another Tyrant, which had already featured in the previous two games. However, Nemesis was different because he was hunting specifically for S.T.A.R.S members. This is why you find Brad as a zombie in RE2, because he had been killed by Nemesis before then. Nemesis was also different because he could actually follow you through different rooms. Usually, if there were enemies coming towards you, as long as you went into the next room you were fine. But Nemesis was different, he could follow you. This really upped the tension when Nemesis would burst out of nowhere and start chasing. The first time you went into a room thinking you were safe only for him to come through too was brilliant.

Nemesis also altered what happened in the game, as certain parts of the game could be easier or harder depending on whether you decided to fight Nemesis when he found you. They weren’t massive differences but they did impact your decision on whether you should run away from Nemesis or fight it. You couldn’t always run away from Nemesis though. There is one great moment which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t played the game but let’s just say that Nemesis is a major factor in that moment.

Apart from that, the game wasn’t really that different. It felt a lot more like RE2+ than RE3. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a good game, but it wasn’t as much of a difference as RE2 was to RE1. There was also the first Mercenaries Mode in an RE game that laid the foundations for later Mercs Modes but apart from that it was more of a refinement. RE3 is still worth a play through, but it’s not the first RE game I’d recommend.

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