Summer Of The Dead – June 17th to September 4th

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The summer officially kicks off for me today. Why? Well my exams are over and I now have 11 weeks where I have nothing to do. So with my summer starting, so does the first ever MWN event, Summer of the Dead. From June 18th (this is just the announcement post) there will be at least one post a day involving zombies. Why are we doing this? We just love zombies, that’s why! As seen in the banner images, expect reviews of movies, games and books involving zombies. You might even see a few videos, we’ll see what happens. So who’s on board? Well me of course but Ryan Wilson and Nikmonroe will also be contributing some articles. You might also see a few zombie related articles from the shogun himself, Excremento. Depending what happens, you might see some other people contributing as well. If there’s anything you want to see in particular, then feel free to post a comment. Finally, make sure to spread the word and tell your friends. So fellow survivors, welcome to Summer of the Dead!

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