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SuBLime Announces Participation at YaoiCon 2015

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Love Stage!! released by SuBLime

LOVE STAGE!! Volume 1 ©Eiki EIKI 2011 ©Taishi ZAOU 2011

SuBLime, the leading global English-language yaoi manga publisher, has announced activities, panel discussions, and special pricing on manga titles at North America’s biggest yaoi fan convention. YaoiCon is taking place Sep. 18-20, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency SFO Hotel in Burlingame, California. SuBLime will be located in Booth #40-41.

YaoiCon is a one-of-a-kind 18+ convention for fans of all things yaoi. YaoiCon delights attendees with unique programming and a fancentric atmosphere, including hosting a celebrated Guest of Honor, presenting industry and fan panels, and holding the iconic and not-to-be-missed Bishounen Auction. YaoiCon is the place for dedicated yaoi fans.

SuBLime 2015 YaoiCon Panel

Saturday, Sep. 19, 2015

2:30pm SuBLime Panel (Regency Room C)

Join SuBLime for fun games and prizes as well as the latest updates on new acquisitions and ongoing series.

Throughout the weekend at YaoiCon, SuBLime’s Booth #40-41 will offer a wide array of fan-loved titles for sale at a discounted rate, including the just-released Love Stage!! Volume 3 and advance copies of The World’s Greatest First Love Volume 3 – ahead of its Oct. 2015 release date. In addition to other yaoi manga favorites such as Crimson SpellEmbracing LoveFalse Memories, Hide and Seek, His FavoriteHoney Darling, along with many more, SuBLime will offer special convention bundle pricing. Each purchase includes a free lei while supplies last.


Show Special Price: $10

When Ritsu Onodera changes jobs, looking for a fresh start, he’s not exactly thrilled to learn his new boss is an old flame. Ritsu’s determined to leave all that in the past—but how can he when his boss is just as determined that they have a future? In the series’ opening volume, tired of accusations that family connections got him his current position, Ritsu Onodera quits his job as an editor at his father’s company and transfers to Marukawa Publishing. Once there, he is assigned to the shojo manga editorial department – something he has no interest in and no experience with. Having sworn he’d never fall in love again, the last thing he wants to do is work on love stories. To make matters worse, it turns out that his overbearing boss, Masamune Takano, is actually his first love from high school.

LOVE STAGE!! by Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou · Show Special Price: $10

Though his family is packed with famous celebrities, Izumi Sena is just your average guy. Currently a college student, he is a huge otaku with aspirations of becoming a manga creator. But one day he gets roped into filming a TV commercial and meets hot young actor Ryoma Ichijo. Could this be the same boy he starred in a commercial with over ten years ago?

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