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Strider in Marvel vs Capcom 3?

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Considering Strider Hiryu was in the first and second installments of Marvel vs Capcom, it’d seem retarded to release a third installation without him in it, but that’s exactly what Capcom did, so that they could make some money off of you with some DLC.

The gents over at Destructoid have found a screenshot out in the wilds of the Internet that seems to scream of Photoshopped goodness, yet completely plausible. The screenshot in question (pictured above) shows both the health bars of Frank West from Capcom’s Dead Rising series, and my favorite videogame ninja, Strider Hiryu from the series that shares his first name.

Many people say that it’s more than likely a fake, but I say that it’s true because you can actually see the arm and sword of Mr. Hiryu in the background on the very right of the screen. If true, then this more than likely confirms that the boys at Capcom are planning on releasing DLC to add more characters to the game’s already impressive roster…though I’d question as to why they weren’t on the game disc to begin with, though you never know, they might be and the DLC will just provide an unlock.

I just hope the latter isn’t true, because that’s bullshit to fleece gamers for stuff on their paid-in-full game discs.

Regardless, I’m excited because Strider is one of my best characters in the game.


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