Streets Of Rage Remake complete

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It’s taken eight years, but the freeware remake of Streets Of Rage 1-3 is complete. Streets Of Rage Remake attempts to replicate the experience of Sega’s Streets Of Rage series, a side scrolling beat em up that began on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991.

The game’s story mode has 93 stages, which is an absurd amount for this type of game, and there are 19 characters to choose from, with new characters adding to the casts of the original games. Graphics wise, pixel art has been used but everything, from characters to enemies to stages, have been redone to increase its detail and in the style of the second game. Finally, the excellent music of the series has been remixed for your listening pleasure, although the original music is good enough on its own.

I tried one of the earlier versions of Streets Of Rage remake while it was still in production, and you could easily be fooled for thinking it was made by Sega themselves. The amount of detail and care put into was it was staggering, and it earnt its name of being a remake. I haven’t had a chance to try out this final version yet, but I sure will. It’s just a shame the online feature has been cut. BARE KNUCKLE!

Source: SorR project

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