Ryan Wilson

Street Fighter X Tekken X Street Fighter?

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Namco and Capcom have apparently donned the proverbial “Best Friends Forever” heart necklaces this San Diego Comic Con, as they’ve announced a two game collaboration that confused everyone. Capcom is developing Street Fighter X Tekken while Namco is developing Tekken X Street Fighter meaning both 2D and 3D fighting game fans should not be disappointed (that is, if they don’t get confused and pick up the wrong one in the store). Only four characters are known for sure to appear in the titles. On Street Fighter’s side, we have Ryu and Chun-Li, while on the Tekken side we have Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams so far. Dan Hibiki also appeared in the trailer, but if he’s serving as a character or just a cinematic punching bag is not yet known. Keep your browsers pointed to WatchPlayRead in the upcoming months for more information as details emerge.

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