Alan Smithee

Street Fighter: The New Challengers – Preview

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We all know what comics are, but do many of you know what a motion comic is? Well if you’ve never experienced one before, I think Udon’s Street Fighter: The New Challengers should be a good start.

Take a comic, add some motion, sound effects, voice acting, some special effects, and you end up with a pretty awesome looking feature length movie. You all pretty much know the backstory on most of these characters, but it’s nice to actually see some of it in action.

Far be it for me to be a comic snob that would suggest that this 90 minute romp through two of Udon’s Street Fighter manga isn’t worth your time because from just the little bit that I’ve included above, it looks like this is a good romp through the Street Fighter mythos.

You can expect to see the usual suspects make an appearance with a few special appearances by Gen, Fei-Long, Sakura, and the rest of Cammy’s Delta Red team. The DVD will be available on August 2nd, 2011.


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