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Stray Bullets Killers #3: One Last Look

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Stray Bullets: Killers continues to be a title I dislike.  But, this issue was definitely more enjoyable than the last few issues, even if only for the lack of Eli.  I believe the events in this issue take place before the last one, as Virginia mentioned the “finger man” when she was chatting up the peeping-tom artist Eli in #2, before she killed her Uncle.  This issue primarily revolves around Virginia and her poor life choices, and introduces us to The Finger Man, Desmond Finger, and his family.  Yeah, the killer this time has a wife…and kids.


Stray Bullets: Killers #3 cover

Stray Bullets: Killers #3
Creator: David Lapham
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: May 14, 2014

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With this being my last review for Stray Bullets: Killers, I must express something. Although I don’t personally like this series (at all), there are some good things about it.  Some very good things.  The writing in this book by David Lapham is great.  It’s very adult and raw.  Some plot pieces are implied, and you have to use your brain because the characters don’t always come right out and ‘”say it” as much as say it in other words.  I like how Lapham’s writing can make YOU put two and two together on your own.  Also, i know some people have forgotten what it was like to be kids, or just can’t remember that far back.  This book gives us insight on the rawness and adult-like behavior of children, when adults aren’t around. (And they definitely act like this when they think no one is around.) These stories also take place just outside of another story. We see how some of the simplest situations can be pivotal in a much larger story and become a recipe for a tragedy to play on a much larger scale.  And David’s own art compliments it completely.

I don’t discourage anyone from picking up this book, especially if your into crazy crime stories.  At the most you’ll find a new great book, and maybe a new favorite character to hate.  At the least, you’ll witness great quality art first hand.

Don’t believe me?  Get your copy of Stray Bullets Killers #3.

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