Alan Smithee

Strange Brews: The Evil Dead

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Much like this guy caught a shotgun to the face, you are cautioned to take it easy with these and for the love of Crom, don't light the motherfuckers on fire, please? The last thing I need is a potential lawsuit.

My hero, Bruce Campbell in his career defining role as Ash in Sam Raimi’s third installment of the Evil Dead series (better known as Army of Darkness) said this to his love-interest Shiela: “Don’t touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand alloys and compositions and things with… molecular structures.”

This is my exact warning to you, don’t touch this recipe unless you understand what the fuck you’re doing.

I’m serious, this shot can potentially kill/maim you in one of 2 apparent ways, either somehow you or your property catches fire and hilarity ensues, or you underestimate how much liquor is in these drinks and proceed to have one to many. So with all warnings aside I’ll share the recipe and how to make the bastards.

You’ll need for each serving:

  • A Shot Glass
  • 1/2 oz Everclear
  • 1/2 oz Bacardi 151
  • 1/2 oz Jagermeister
  • Combine the ingredients in a shotglass, and drink yourself to a new liver.


    Combine the ingredients into the shotglass, light the fucker on fire, then drink yourself to a new liver.

    The alcoholic content of this drink is somewhere around 65% which means that this drink is really flammable, to the point where you’d better make sure you’re the only person in the room with a lighter. I don’t suggest that you light your alcohol since its such a flamboyant (flaming) way to enjoy your alcohol, only tourists enjoy that shit. Anyways that does it for this week’s recipe, we’ll see you again with a more normal beverage and remember this Mr. Fancypants…”I’ve got news for you pal, you ain’t leadin’ but two things, right now: Jack and shit… and Jack left town.” Let me know what you think!

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