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Strange Brews: Tokyo Rose

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mmmm booze

I had a chance while I was in Las Vegas this last weekend to try out some new drinks that I’d like to share with all my fellow whores. Tonight’s concoction is called a Tokyo Rose, and I’m sure there has to be someone out there who’s had one before…this was just my first encounter with the drink.

Ok, so this may not be the most approachable drink to most of you beer fans because the ingredients need to be of a good quality in order to have a great experience with this. It’s a pretty simple recipe that you can easily scale from a small single serving all the way up to punch bowl portions.

I’ll be making this for a single drinker, since I’d hate for you to waste good liquor on something you might not love like I do. The first thing you’ll need to do is grab yourself a martini glass, wet it down and shake off the excess moisture, then place it in the freezer while we shake up the rest of the recipe.

Next, grab your shaker with some ice and either a 1 ounce shotglass (or a jigger if you have one available) and pour one of each of the following ingredients using the same measurement for each: Grey Goose vodka, your favorite sake, and Midori melon liqueur. Shake it up til the tin is cold to the touch, strain into the martini glass you had in the freezer.

Finally, top it off with a cherry as a garnish. Enjoy! Oh and watch the video below, not so much for the procedure, but for the guy fucking up a few times when trying to show off his flair bartending skills.

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