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Strange Brews: The Boilermaker

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Huh, I had no idea where the term boilermaker came from until googling this drink this evening. Damn, I guess you work hard enough, you get a drink named after you.

Got beer? Got whiskey? Want to drink both at the same time without having to double fist it? Well you’re in luck because this week’s Strange Brews allows you to do just that.

Okay, this is about as simple as my drink recipes get. First you’ll need a pint glass filled with whatever beer you find appealing, then you’ll need a shotglass filled with the whiskey of your choice. Drop the shot of whiskey into your pint of brew and drink immediately. Take warning though, I do not suggest you make these with fine quality products. Don’t waste your good liquors and good beers on these.

Ready to Saturday

When you mix together shitty beer and equally shitty whiskey, you get a decent drink. However the same thing can’t be said if you took excellent beer and excellent whiskey and mixed them, for some reason it depreciates both into an undrinkable concoction. Seriously, you’ve been warned.

Alternately, if you wish to have good ingredients. I suggest you drink both separately…though many wouldn’t call that a traditional Boilermaker, but more of a Beer-and-a-shot. Drink responsibly or suffer the consequences you whores.

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