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Strange Brews: Popa’s Panty Poppin’ Punch

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We love promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, life is just so much more fun when you cut loose sometimes. The best and possibly most sociable activity that does this and causes liver damage and brain cell death all at the same time is drinking. So without any further ado, let’s cut the bullshit and get to some drinkin’!

BigPopaGamer, co-host of The Red-Light Roundtable, and one of the most active bloggers here on MediaWhoreNetwork. I managed to weasel this recipe from him one night for some unspecified cost.

It turns out that BigPopaGamer is a man that has much of the the same interests and tastes as myself. We may not always agree on topics, but hey, variety is the spice of life right?

Tonight, we all get to to know him a little better through his drink recipe he was forced to share with me…check out BigPopaGamer’s articles sometime and get the guy some comments. The man needs all the love you can spare.

The recipe is as follows:

    1 Liter of Everclear
    1 Liter of 100 Proof Vodka
    3 Gallons of Hawaiian Punch
    1 2-Liter Bottle of Sprite
    1 Quart of Orange Juice
    1 Quart of Pineapple Juice
    1 Quart of any other juice*
    1 2-Liter Bottle of Ginger Ale*


There has never been a more simple recipe that costs so much and is simple to make at the same time. All you need is big cooler with a spout, a few bags of ice, and a big mixing spoon (I suggest a cordless drill with a paint stirrer).

Take all the ingredients and dump them into the cooler, mix and serve.

Here’s the real trick, you let the ladies drink for free while you charge the gents $5 to have as much as they can drink (to help offset the cost of making the whole thing).

Ok whores, warning! Go easy on drinking these! You WILL get fucked up and possibly achieve alcohol poisioning if you drink too many of these. Just because there are over 5 gallons of this beverage and you can have as many as you want, doesn’t mean that you should!

For a little more incentive to make these drinks, here’s BigPopa himself to sell you on the idea.

There you have it, a BigPopaGamer’s Panty Poppin’ Punch! Take it easy with these, seriously, even if you love drinking and have half a liver functioning, it WILL go straight to your head. BigPopaGamer guarantees that if you make this and can make the alcohol “non taste-able”, you will see people “get fucked up on two glasses.” He also says that “everytime I’ve made this, I’ve seen nudity.”

With that seal of approval, go make some and get those panties poppin’!


We here at MediaWhoreNetwork assume no responsibility for the drink recipes posted, nor the actions taken from imbibing these drinks. Remeber kids, drink in moderation. As always, have something to eat before a night of drinking.

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