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Strange Brews: Die Führerbunker

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Going off of the recipe for a Dead Nazi (cause we only know that the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi), this was suggested to me by a friend to signify all of the death that occurred in the Nazi party’s last hold out at the Führerbunker. You see kids, when WW2 was drawing to a close in the European front, Adolf, his wife Eva, The Goebbels (all 8 of ’em including six children) committed suicide to avoid the horror that would come from being taken by the Russians.

So, if you’ve never had a Dead Nazi before it’s simply:

  • 2/3 oz Rumple Minze Peppermint Liqueur
  • 2/3 oz Jagermeister
  • Just put them into a shot glass for a fresh and slightly sweet mint drink that will clean your breath before attacking your liver with inebriation…kind of like how the Nazi’s put on a good face during the war only to find out the atrocities they committed….those damned Nazis! Why did Adolf have to go out and ruin the coolest mustache ever?!?

    Anyways, to set up Die Führerbunker you’ll need 3 single shot glasses and a double glass. Make the double (to signify the married couples of ‘Dolf and Eva, and the Goebbels), and each single to represent 2 of the kids that the Goebbels murdered before ending themselves. Depressing I know, but man after 5 shots of this in a row, you’ll be glad that the dead Nazis are quite dead along with your sobriety. You can relax, the war is officially over once you finish.

    Your Head Asplode

    Each shot (1.33 oz) is about 47% alcohol so in effect you’ll be feeling fire and breathing ice. This is by far one of my favorite shots to take, not only is it delicious, but it cleans your breath as well. Enjoy!

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