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The Strain- The Fall

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Vamps are back to their blood sucking, monstrous evil selves?! Hail Satan!

19189The Strain- The Fall
Writer:  David Lamham
Artist: Mike Huddleston
Publisher: Dark Horse
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 16th 2013

Oh thank you, thank you for bringing back the gruesome vile vampires. If I have to see another pretty boy vegan vampire, I’m going to stake myself. Well, that’s not true. If you’re a vampire lord or lady you usually can get away with being pretty, as long as you are a cold manipulative sociopath on the inside. But vampire minions, I want them in hordes and I want flesh ripping destruction. Which is exactly what you get in The Strain-The Fall. Heck yes.

This comic is based off of a book trilogy of the same name. Now while I’ve already added the book to my long mental bucket  list of books, I really like reading it in a comic. Why? The art of course. Mike Huddleston’s art has that rushed almost vague look that really sets the apocalyptic tone. I loved his action panels the most. Thick dramatic lines gave everything a chaotic feel that elevated my heart rate a few beats. Now bring in Dan Jackson’s colors to pull it all together perfectly. Dark shadows and overall tone gave it that “Holy crap what was that noise? Where’s my shotgun?!” anxiety through out comic. (I may have kept the lights on that night) The story has a real “The Stand” feel to it. Survivors of a somewhat apocalyptic world, working on killing the “evil” and hoping to pretty much just trying to make it through another day. Plus one of the main characters is an alcoholic, who doesn’t enjoy a hero with a vice?

Vampire and horror fans will definitely enjoy this one. I’d suggest checking out the first arc “The Strain” to help fill in the holes of the story . However “The Strain- The Fall” keeps you on track while not boring it’s previous readers with information they already know. After reading this I put my order in for the first arc trades and am looking forward to reading them on a dark dismal night.

5 out of 6 Damned Souls for The Strain- The Fall

Buy it for yourself: Strain: The Fall Volume 1 TPB

(And get fully caught up)
Strain Volume 1 TPB
Strain Volume 2 TPB

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