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The Strain #1

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The world of vampire lore is about to be turned upside down!


The Strain #1
Story by: Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan
Script by: David Lapham
Art by: Mike Huddleston
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

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After reading the first issue of The Strain I was quite pleased.  The creative efforts of writer David Lapham and artist Mike Huddleston, do justice in completing this collaborative story of author Chuck Hogan & director Guillermo Del Toro.  The whole package flows together nicely.  From the artwork, the beginning in old Romania, the story being a spin on an old idea, to the series being an introduction of the show.  I really don’t have any complaints about this first issue.  After reading on the cover that it was a t.v. show in the works, and saw Del Toro’s name on it, I had to go check around and see what I could find.  For those of you who don’t know, Chuck Hogan is the author of ‘Prince of Thieves’ which was made into the film ‘The Town’ with Ben Affleck. (I didn’t know, and have yet to see the film) I have heard nothing but good things about that movie.  So, along with Del Toro, I figure this is going to be great.  I’m very excited knowing The Strain was planned in tandem as a television show, as well.

The storyof The Strain, centers around the head of the NY CDC office who is confronted with the problem of a virulent virus.  The virus for all purposes is the good old curse of the vampyre.  You know…that drinking blood, living in the dark sort of thing?  And the father of it all, this time, is a Polish nobleman named Jusef Sardu. (Sorry Drac!) Except there is a twist.  All the details are still just smoke, and I wouldn’t want to reveal them anyway.  I’ll just suffice to say, this series claims that within months, the entire world will be wiped out by vampirism.  Will it happen, or is that just a marker to give us an idea of how quickly these vampires can propagate, if they so choose.   I personally hope The Strain wipes out everybody except for a few survivors. Nothing like a good death toll in a story like this!

If you like, horror, suspense, sci-fi, or just good story-telling, check out this comic.  The Strain (Strain Trilogy), also a trilogy of novels originally written by Guillermo Del Toro in 2009, check it out.  And for a sneak peek of the show, The Strain, debuting this month, click here!

As evidence by the end of this first issue.  The horror of The Strain is coming.  How you witness it is up to you!

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