Ryan Wilson

Stick Around After the Credits of Iron Man 2

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I cannot stress this enough, this post will contain massive spoilers for the upcoming film Iron Man 2.  Now, since the press screening of the movie did not included the after-credits scene and this was leaked to LatinoReview by an anonymous source, there is still a chance that this is false.  Nonetheless, read no further if you want to be surprised.

The credits end and we see a black car driving through the New Mexico desert, a car with the license plate 8RE 2Z1.  Cut to a wide shot showing a giant crater.  The car door opens and out steps not Tony Stark, but Agent Coulson.  Trucks can be seen driving around another hole inside the crater.  Agent Coulson turns around, gets on his cellphone and says to the person on the other end,  “Sir, we’ve found it.”  Cut to the middle of the crater, where Thor’s hammer can be seen sticking  out of the ground.

So there you have it, Thor teaser at the end of Iron Man 2.  So what do you think?  Better or worse than the “Avenger Initiative” post-credit scene with Nick Fury?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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