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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower – Movie News

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Crom, I have never prayed to you before, I have no tongue for it, but please make this series and make it good! And if not, then to hell with you!

It should be no secret to anyone who checks this website often and listens to our podcasts, we’re all fanboys for JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot production company. We’re even bigger fans of the television series Lost and its co-creators Cuse and Lindelof who up until the last month or so were set to pen a movie series and subsequent television shows based on the Stephen King magnum opus, The Dark Tower.

Recently, the rights that were sold to Bad Robot have been turned over to Ron Howard and company at Imagine. Abandon all hope for this being a good series.

Why would I say such things about Opie from Andy Griffith? Well, it’s simple really, Howard has decided to give the series to Akiva Goldsman to write into a trilogy of movies. I’m going to pause for a second to let that sink in and give you an example of Mr. Goldsman’s work in the past.

Yup that’s right, the guy who is set to take on one of the best known series of American Fiction was responsible for the stillborn Batman series that picked up after Tim Burton let it go.

I give the guy a hard time, but to balance out the badness that was that horrible movie, he was also the writer on a couple of other films that were actually pretty damned good. He won an Academy Award for his screenplay in A Beautiful Mind, and was the writer on yet another of Crowe’s films, Cinderella Man…so he’s not really as much of a hack as it might seem. Still, having your name as the only writer on Batman & Robin is pretty damnable, especially for a bunch of internet geeks.

I’ll just have to remember WPR’s mantra: wait and see, just wait and see.

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