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Stephen King May Pen a Sequel to The Shining

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You'll be reading his stories forever, and ever, and ever...

Stephen King on a Toronto preview reading of his newest novel, Under the Dome, announced to a surprised audience that he is considering a sequel to his 1977 story of psychics and psychopaths, The Shining.  Currently titled Doctor Sleep, the sequel will take place with traumatized Danny Torrance at age 40 working at a house for the terminally ill.  While he appears to be an orderly of sorts at the hospice, his true motivation is to aid them in the journey to the other side with his psychic abilities.

King himself says that the story is not a guarantee, as he hasn’t even put pen to paper yet (and is still prone to change his mind about the whole thing).  While its nice to see another chapter in Danny’s story, lets hope that King doesn’t butcher the whole thing.

[Source: Torontoist]

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