Steam And Youtube Are Going Steady, Lets You Link Profiles

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Social gaming has just stepped it up a notch.

When it comes to developers and publishers I hold Valve in high regard. Not only do they put out great games, they know how to handle a service like steam. With many features such as full community and group support, actual sales on games that we would never get otherwise, and a great platform for smaller developers to get some recognition, I’ve never doubted steam.

Users can now link their Steam and Youtube accounts and allow them to tag videos and categorize them for any game whether it’s on steam or not. Once the relatively simple process is over the videos will now appear in your Steam profile for anybody to view.

Whether this feature is a first step in further integrating Steam with Youtube such as a recorder built into the client is yet to be seen, but who’s to say it wont happen?

Now I’m not one to complain because there’s nothing wrong with this feature and I’m sure those who want to prove to their buddies that they did find Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas are jumping for joy, but is it something we need? Let us know in the comments.

Example of profile linked here

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