Alan Smithee

Starship Troopers – The Remake

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Apparently someone thinks that the classic sci-fi movie (book is better) directed by Paul Verhoeven needs to be made all over again.

As bad as it was, Starship Troopers is one of those “I love how bad it is” types of movies, plus it has some epic bewbage and a giant brain bug. Oh I almost forgot, you do not need to remake anything starring NPH, ever.

It’s hard to believe that Starship Troopers’ original movie was made back in 1997, but like anything that sits around too long in Hollywood, it’s getting the ol’ remake treatment by producer Neal Moritz (the same derp who’s remaking Total Recall). The only ray of sunshine that I can see is the team doing the writing is the same crew who were responsible for this year’s smash hit X-Men: First Class, my favorite X-Men movie thus far.

As to when or what we can expect, you know as much as I do right now. All we know is that people are moving ahead with this project. I pray that it’s more like the book this time around.

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