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Starhawk – Announcement Trailer

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We knew this was incoming, but I had no clue it would look this good.

Say what you will about the Warhawk series, but I remember having some fun with the PS3 version and definitely the original that I played on the PlayStation ONE was a blast. Yes yes, I know there’s a much older PC one, that game doesn’t count.

This game isn’t actually a true sequel to the popular 2007 game, instead is more of a ‘spiritual successor’ to Warhawk. You don’t have to listen to me though, Dylan Jobe from Lightbox is more than willing to let you in on everything they’ve been up to.

It seems that the people creating the game had their fingers right on the pulse of what made the last game the success it was, while finding ways to add more to the game by including a awesome looking single player experience and creating the Build & Battle system…which I have to say is oddly reminiscent of all the dystopian future real-time strategy games I’ve ever played.

I just hope that the system is actually balanced when it’s released and people can’t abuse the new toys we get.

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