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Stargate: Universe Cast/Crew Pitch New Post Apoc Show

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SG:U got the axe, but that doesn’t keep this amazing cast and crew from breaking up! Mark Savela (the guy behind the amazing FX/CG) is making a pitch for a new post apoc series, with 80% of the cast and crew.

Red Eye got the scoop on the whole deal, Savela has formed a team with SGU production assistant Ken Kabatoff to make their alien series called Echoes (working title) set in the near future and focusing on humans trying to survival a dual alien invasion of Earth. I know, we’re excited already too.

“We’ve always seen these aliens-attacking-the-planet [stories], and it’s always the aliens attacking the humans,” Kabatoff said. “Having aliens against another alien race basically leaves the humans as collateral on their own planet. Many of the Earth’s citizens have been wiped out already. It’s not us against them, it’s them against each other, and we’re just trying to stay alive.”

If Savela and Kabatoff can pull off this short pitch for the pilot in Vancouver where apparently most of the cast and crew are still there already, it’s going to be an amazing feat. Savela is a bad ass FX creator, if you look at his aliens and spaceship work on SGU you know it’s been a visual treat for all of us viewers. Jennifer Spence (Dr. Lisa Park on SGU) is tied to the lead role. Other actors involved include Mike Dopud (Varro the Lucian), Victoria Pratt and Lochlyn Munro.

“It’s basically her journey from a shy, unassuming kind of wall flower into a kind of Sarah Connor-type character,” Savela said, referencing the heroine of the “Terminator” films and TV show. “We kick off right in the middle of the [bleep], basically.”

We can’t wait to see more, and hope that this doesn’t get picked up by SyFy, because they don’t know what the hell good scifi is anymore, given that they’re MOVING TO REALITY SHOWS. Lets cross our fingers that a quality channel like AMC picks them up instead. We’ll keep you in the loop as this develops!

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