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Stargate Universe: A softer, lighter, more Star-Trekie Stargate

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I will preface this post with this; I am not a Stargate nut. I have seen the original movie, a few of the other ‘made for DVD’ movies, and collectively, probably, 10 episodes of any of the other Stargate television series.

With that said, I love Stargate. And saying that leaves me in a slight state of shock.

You see, there are typically only 3 groups of people around the world. 1) I haven’t seen Stargate. 2) I love Stargate, throw me in a puddle with a P90 and I would die happy on some alien planet. 3) Stargate is the sux.

I would have considered myself in group 3. The movie was fun, but nothing inspiring. The television series’ was dry and boring.

But in late 2009, Stargate Universe started to air on SyFy (seefee). In an inspired moment, I decided that perhaps a new Stargate series might be a way to get into the rest of the Stargate ‘Universe’. 

It worked.

The story presents itself in a clean format. You don’t need to know much about the Stargate mythos. You don’t need to know about the recurring characters, or even the technologies used. Granted, there are some things that are a little more comprehensible with some basic understanding, but the series is so good at dumming things down to the common audience.

The first episode very quickly and very nicely presents an overview of the way Stargates work, the reasons why this series is happening, an introduction into the plight of the characters, and even a basic villain, hero, and obstacle.

the cast...lookit em

I don’t want to give away too much regarding the plot, but if you have seen a Star Trek series, or even a Star Trek movie, you will notice similarities. I think that anytime you present a ‘ship’ and ‘crew’ in space, you will notice general parallels. 

Don’t let that fool you. Stargate Universe is enjoyable for both the newcomer and the resident groupies of the Stargate Franchise. I strongly recommend that if you haven’t watched it yet, that you tune into SyFy and catch up on the series.

To this day, only 10 episodes have aired. And the return from mid-season break is slated for early April. The repeats of the already aired episodes are happening once per week until the return from break.

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