Ryan Thomason

Stargate (TV, Movies) on Indefinite Hold

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For all of you other Stargate fans (or new fans thanks to SG:Universe) we’re going to have to wait a long time for anything new.

At Wizard World Philly Comic Con 2011 on June 19th, SG:U actress Alaina Huffman explains why it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Stargate in TV or Movie form. We do get a glimpse of what was planned for them though, and well, let’s just all breath a collective sigh because none of it is happening…ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if the franchise is just shelved forever and left to gather dust. Which is sad, because even though I skipped every TV series until I found SG:U, Universe was an amazingly well done sci-fi show that could have been something life Star Trek if it had been given enough leg to stand on and really make an impact.

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