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Starborn #9 – Mini Review

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Khary Randolph and Chris Roberson have stolen the title of favorite new comic away and aren’t sorry about doing so.

Ok, so with my comic reviews I’m going to be dropping them down to a bit smaller and easier to digest articles, as there is no need to sell people on a series that’s gone past the first couple of issues and you already know how good the art and writing are. This rings true with issue number nine for this inspired science fiction comic.

This issue falls mainly into the category of exposition as we get a handful of new backstory elements like the insurrection that eventually overthrew the house of Bin and a little more depth on the members of the Cur family, but not much else. There isn’t a ton of action, but the dialogue is consistently solid and Randolph’s art is always easy on the eyes.


The meeting between Kirk Allen and Cur Talon goes as you’d expect but the real meat and potatoes for this issue is the giant cliffhanger that has me scratching my head over how polite the alien horde is considering the act that they’re about to perpetrate (Hint: Think of the Vogons from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)…and I don’t mean their poetry.

All in all, this book does everything right, just in a bit of a slower manner. I know we can’t have balls to the wall action each issue, but I’d at least hope for something to explode.

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