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Starborn #8 – Review

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The Stan Lee BOOM!-iverse crossovers have begun…and I can’t say that I’m against it. I bet you’re intrigued enough to read some more aren’t you?!?

Well I can’t really rant hard enough about this comic series, and now that Coheed & Cambria’s Amory Wars is done for some time, it looks like I’ll have to start following other series a bit more seriously. I think that my surrogate comic will have to be Starborn, mainly because it’s so fucking great to read.

As we were last month, our reluctant hero wants to head back to Earth to get in contact with the author of the book series that his work closely resembled, but as a complete opposite viewpoint. Of course the defunct general and shapeshifter will have to accompany him to this destination, mainly because they’ve really got nothing else to do (I kid, there’s plenty of honor and duty thrown around this issue). I digress because you’re here to hear about the Stan Lee crossover.

We get a few pages this month featuring none other than Soldier Zero himself as he takes on a pack of beastmen from The Horde. Considering we haven’t seen a new Soldier Zero in some time and that it ended with that cliffhanger of Stuart rounding off against The Horde, it’s good to see them combining the universes into one. I knew I liked BOOM! comic for some reason.

Well he’s not the focus, but it’s good to see some real ass kicking and this issue has tons of it, especially with Ben learning how to use his father’s gauntlet. I think that this issue has some of the best artwork we’ve seen from Khary Randolph as each panel just jumped off the screen as I was reading it on my iPad. The writing is solid as well, though some of the dialogue from the members of the alien races is a bit groan inducing…hence the lower than normal score.


Regardless of that small quibble, this series has become my new favorite and the one that I’ll be waiting on tenterhooks for it to arrive each month. It’s gone from being merely a good sci-fi comic to a real must-have series for me. I can’t wait to see how they’ll sneak in a crossover with The Traveler, I’ll be set!

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