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Starborn #7 – Review

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I was a bit unsure after last month’s issue as to where they would be taking this series after the terrible truth about Ben’s father finally surfaced. Thankfully, Chris Roberson has managed to escape from the corner he was written into with great skill as I’m back to being the voracious reader once again.

Like I said, we now know that Ben’s father, the ex-emperor of the galaxy, was essentially Space Hitler who subjugated entire civilizations of aliens for his own good and for the rights of the human race which he felt were the ‘one true race’. With the knowledge that came from that one kernel of truth I was almost afraid that we’d see some typical comic book fashioned empathy where Ben jumps from one party to the opposing forces because he doesn’t want to be included with the ‘bad people’. I should really learn to start trusting my comic writers more because that is exactly the opposite of what happens with this month’s issue.

The only thing I don’t like is Ben being a complete baww-baby when it comes to his dad…ok we get it, you wanted Speed Racer as your father (it makes sense, just look at the gallery below), and instead you got a perceived despot. It happens to the best of us. You can’t pick your father, so get over it already. Thus ends my only complaints about this issue.

No seriously, the book is all gravy after that one little hill is overcame.

The best bits this issue would be us getting a bit more of Tara (Ben’s Crimson Hand best-friend) backstory and a hint of a romance between her and Ben, even though it’s very slight, and the splash page near the end of the book that features General Talon fighting with the Pride. That two page span in this issue assured me that Khary Randolph earned definitely earned his paycheck.

The story doesn’t stick to the one planet where Ben, Tara, and Cur are trying to survive, it switched back to Earth for a good bit where we join the witches of the Civilization that are trying to track down traces of advanced technology. We’re given a bit of an AH-HA moment when something happens to the scouting party which I can’t spoil for obvious reasons but if you can connect the dots, I guarantee a big “oh-face” when you do.

The writing this issue is solid and shows us exactly how planned out Chris Roberson made these issues ahead of time as we don’t normally get a character callback that is six issues and subsequently six months ago, but for those of us who are detail oriented and have the past books on their iPad, it’s great to go back and see the connections being made.

STORY: 90%
ART: 92%

I can’t gush about Khary Randolph’s art enough, he’s easily becoming one of my favorite illustrators on the BOOM! Studios lineup.

Overall, this month’s issue is a great bit of frosting on an already delicious cake and is something that I suggest you all indulge in, because it gets better with each bite.

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