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Starborn #4 – Review

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Before I get started in this review, I must say that many of the times that I see Stan Lee’s name slapped onto a book, I get a bit reluctant to read it…such was the case with Starborn, and I’m sad that it’s taken 4 issues for me to get into this series, because it’s damn good.

To catch you up to what has been going on with this series, Starborn follows the life of Benjamin Warner, a normal 9-5 office worker that has spent much of his life writing a science fiction novel in his spare time. For all Ben knew, his work of sci-fi was just something he made up, until characters and races from the story start to attack.

Ben and his lifelong bodyguard are trying to hold out as long as possible at an extraction point when they’re attacked by members of The Pride, a group of beastmen who are trying to keep the couple from reaching their salvation.

So far, I have to say that I am very, very enamored with this series. I love the story of a dead-end desk worker getting to live out the sci-fi world of his dreams, and I have to say that the art by Khary Randolph has me smitten.

The style of drawing in this book is reminiscent of a much more talented Peter Chung (think Aeon Flux), and is really cleanly done.

The writing is very well done and is making me guess and second guess what and who the good guys and bad guys may end up being…because with the whole vibe these first issues have given me, Ben might be going to bat for the wrong team.

STORY: 97%
ART: 95%

This issue has some great action pages against the members of The Pride as well as The Witches and serves as great exposition to the rich world and cultural landscape that Chris Roberson has written. There are some great splash pages this issue, and the action is great.

I won’t ruin the end of the issue for you, but let’s just say that in the next issue, things promise to get even more interesting. I really regret not trying this series out sooner and as soon as the comic store opens up today, I’m going to actually get a physical copy to make sure it keeps coming our way.

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