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Star Wars VII Script is Complete Says Abrams

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JJ Abrams

During a stump speech for his new NBC series Believe J.J. Abrams let out a few details on the upcoming Episode VII that you might want to hear.

First up is that the script is complete. In an interview with The Wrap he was quoted as saying, “We’re working really hard and we’ve got our script and we’re in deep prep, full steam ahead, y’know.” so there’s that, but I withhold judgment until it comes out next December in 2015. Even if someone were to pick up a copy of the script, you can’t tell if a movie will be good based on that…Prometheus anyone?

Second, some of you might know the name Jesse Plemons, but he’s better known as the Matt Damon looking guy from Breaking Bad who played Todd Alquist. You remember, he’s the kid with the white supremacist family ties. Well, J.J. let it be known that he was/is in consideration for a role in the new trilogy. He didn’t say what for exactly, and it would be pure speculation to say what role he would play, but if they’re planning on doing the no-time-has-passed type of storyline for the new episode I could see him playing a Han Solo.

Finally, the movie is being shot on traditional film cameras and NOT on IMAX film as people were thinking. Mr. Abrams is a fan of the format for some time and has even praised it in the past, but he says that the cameras are very loud and unreliable which detract from trying to film intimate scenes. Just imagine trying to sound romantic with a loud ass camera right in your face.

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