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Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Bounty Hunters Explained

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Did you want to be Boba Fett as a kid? Sure we all did…until he fell like a bitch into a sarlaac pit. Hell, even some of us kids were strange (namely me) and wanted to pretend they were Bossk. Regardless of who or what you took away from the original trilogy when it comes to bounty hunters, they’re easily one of the most sought after classes in the upcoming Star Wars MMO.

Thanks to an update on the MMO’s site we now get to see and read about what we can expect in the game:

“Bounty Hunters do what it takes to cash in on their marks, utilizing the best in weapons and defensive technology to bring in the target – dead or alive. The technology your Bounty Hunter uses is up to you; choose to specialize in prototype shield and heavy armor technology to become an unstoppable Powertech, or spend those hard-earned credits on the most destructive arsenal available as a Mercenary.”

If what I’ve provided to y’all isn’t enough information, you can always head over to their blog for further information.

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